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The science of colour


What colour should I paint my room?

This is the single most interior related question I get from people, so it comes as no surprise to me that my first interior blog post will be entirely about paint colours.

In designing a space, my biggest concern is the psychology of colour. Colour creates a mood, it creates emotions. Therefore I find it important to create a harmonious living and work space.

The ability of colour to change and transform a room and to excite different emotions makes colour the single most influential element in design and decorating.

No doubt, paint colour is the most feared design element. But with a little bit of experimentation and a whole lot of experience I believe I have found the key to use and to express colour freely and in the right way.

Colour is after all the base and starting point of any interior space, so getting the colour right, puts you in the right direction from the word go.

Firstly, I want to discuss my colour philosophy and guide to getting colour right.

I suggest and prefer to work with an Achromatic colour scheme as a base, this refers to a scheme which makes use of “non- colours” like black, white, grey and neutrals.

With this colour scheme, special care must be taken to gain visual interest through adding different tones, textures and the inclusion of accent colours.

Keeping in mind that any type of light, be it sunlight or fluorescent will influence  the colour reflected, thus changing a colour depending on where it’s used in your home.

Before committing to a colour I always suggest that my clients paint at least 4 – 6 different shades/options in different areas in and around the home- the colour will change once on the wall, depending on how the light or shade falls in that specific area.

Remember, colour is fun, and if chosen correctly can transform a normal interior space into a masterpiece.

Here is my trade secret to 6 tried and trusted natural colours:


  1. Alpine Mist VEL8
  2. Cloud White VEL30
  3. White DRP 3
  4. Plaster E16-2
  5. Evening Mist WHT08
  6. Coast Cream WHT6

My chosen top 3 colour trends for the month is Plascon:

  1. Metallic Copper DRM2
  2. Gold MET1
  3. Black Beard B7-E1-1

Happy painting everyone and good luck