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Greek food board

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Greek food sharing board

When I started speaking to my friends about entertaining, I  realized that people don’t have time to prep and cook these days, doing a braai and salad is so much more appealing to the modern couple. I say no. So here is a very simple, no work sharing style board I developed just for those “I don’t have time to impress days”.

Greek food, just the idea gets me all exited, so here is my South African version on how to wow your next guests without lighting a fire or almost lifting a finger.

I have worked many cheats into this recipe, so you have no excuse not to make this sharing board.

It should take you no time to put this feast together.



Prep time: 5min

Baking  time:  20 min

500g lean mince meat

2 eggs

1 cup breadcrumbs

1 Bunch small red spring onions chopped

Salt and pepper

½ cup mint chopped

½ cup parsley chopped

Mix all the ingredients together, roll into 3-4cm balls and place on baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil.


Buy these ingredients and scoop into a beautiful bowl.


Cottage cheese


Chopped Cucumber

Olives and artichokes

Naan bread and pitas

Iceberg lettuce

Cut the tomatoes in halves, dress with salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic and red wine vinegar, and scoop into a pretty bowl.

Scoop the remaining ingredients into individual bowls, and arrange on your platter.

Place your naan bread and pitas in the oven after you’ve taken out the meatballs and heat them for about 6 minutes.

Once everything is done and the meatballs have cooled a bit, place everything on your board, and you’re ready to serve.

So quick and easy,  but oh so delicious and impressive.

I hope you get as much joy from making this as I did.

Happy sharing


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