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Floors to love


Floors, one of my many favourite design elements. It immediately gives one a perception of the space your walking into.
It creates the atmosphere of a room.
I like to think of the floor as the skin of the house- how you dress it will determine the style.

When it comes to choosing the right floor-I have learnt that there are 5 important elements you should take into consideration before choosing a floor-

1. Is the flooring I choose timeless
2. Does it suite the style I want to create
3. What is the right colour flooring for the space
4. In what pattern will the floor be laid
5. What texture should I choose

All the above elements influence each other directly.

Also to take into consideration when choosing your flooring is your lifestyle.
Have a look at the longevity and durability of the flooring that you choose.

There is such a huge variety of flooring options out there, so here is my top 4 floors to love:

1. Chevron floors

The Chevron parquet floor is my nr 1 on the list, simply because I think it is absolutely the most beautiful flooring style at the moment. Parquet flooring is a repetition of geometrical patterns-whatever material your using, be it wood, bricks or tiles. Another beautiful parquet flooring is herringbone, so also have a look at that.

Chevron floors will always be timeless, elegant and classy, and can be integrated into almost any design trend you choose.

2. High Gloss cement floors

Cement flooring has over the past 10 years become one of the most popular flooring options out there. At first it was because of the cost effectiveness, but with the prices of cement flooring almost tying up with some wooden or laminate floors, it still remains fairly popular.

I found this image of a high gloss cement floor. It immediately gave me a sense off stylishness and sophistication.
Definitely something I think we will need to keep an eye on for the future.
When choosing cement floors, always bear in mind that you would need to invest in some loose rugs or under floor heating, as I find it can leave a room feeling cold, especially in a big open space.

3. Black and white tiled floors

There has been and always will be something about white and black tiled floors. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this look, but somehow I can’t seem to shake it.
Highly recommended for a classical and timeless space, these tiles will never date. Available in so many different shapes and sizes, it can work with almost any design.

4. Wooden floors

Another classic, and always in fashion look- Wooden floors. Given the characteristic of all the different kinds and colours, wooden floors just never seems to go out of fashion. Do be careful in choosing where to use your wooden floors, as in my opinion bathrooms and even kitchens is a no- no unless it is solid hardwood.

I hope my list and images gives you plenty of inspiration and guides you to choose the right flooring for your space.


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