Welcome to Loft i Love, the home of ultimate sophistication and extraordinary design.

How it all began

It’s not every day you see a four-year-old girl giving orders on a building site. That was me, making sure that my parents’ new home was perfect. With the two of them constantly renovating, I fell in love with interior design at a very early age. Since then, many of my interests have come and gone, but one passion remains: helping people create beautiful spaces to live, work and entertain in.

Following my four-year-old debut, I went on to study interior design. After seven years of working as a qualified interior designer, on everything from homes and offices to restaurants and retail spaces, I decided to invest the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained into my own company.
Loft i Love was born.

Those five magic words

What I love about having my own company is that I get to work closely with each individual client, and truly get a sense of who they are and what they have in mind for the space I’m designing. Nothing makes me happier than taking a client’s favourite colours and textures, their unique sense of style, and transforming it into a stylish work of art. I love the look of wonder on clients’ faces when they see my finished work for the first time and say those five magic words: “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

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Less stress, more joy

An important part of a beautiful design is using the right suppliers. I’ve spent the better part of a decade searching for furniture and décor of the highest standard and service providers I can trust. I’ve done the scout work, and today I know exactly where to find the best products and suppliers at the best prices. To my clients, that means a whole host of things they don’t need to worry about.

And the rest of the design process? It’s all taken care of. Loft i Love offers a complete package, including:

Planning and interior design
Kitchen and bathroom designs and layouts
Selection of finishings
Lighting layout
Furniture design
Interior decorating
Project management

All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy watching your dream home come to life.

Contact me and let’s get started